Roof Inspections

Is it Time for a Roof Inspection?

If you own a home or business, you should schedule a roof inspection annually.  This keeps you informed of changes in your roofing system, along with possible repairs your roof needs. Hiring a roofing contractor is is the best way to learn about your roof’s condition.  

When you hire a roofing contractor, they will assess the condition of your roof and provide a detailed report of our findings.

We offer free roof inspection services with Roof and Restoration Experts.

We are based in Fort Mill, SC and the surrounding North and South Carolina communities including: Greenwood, Charleston, Columbia, and Charlotte, NC. Call now to schedule your appointment.


Our team of roofing contractors are trained to assess the condition of your:

  • Flashing

  • Shingles

  • Chimney

  • Vents


After our initial inspection, we’ll discuss your repair options. If your roof is reaching its expiration date, we’ll talk about possible replacement solutions.

*Fort Mill, Greenwood, Charleston, Columbia, and Charlotte, NC.