We know any type of business comes with questions, especially when dealing with your home and roof.  We are here to make the process easy for you and are here to help along the way.  We hope some of these answers can help any questions you may have.  If not, please reach out to us at:


  • Will filing a claim on the roof effect my premium and/or deductible?
    • Simply filing a claim for your damaged roof will not increase your premium.  However, insurance premiums have the potential to be impacted if the claim is approved, especially if multiple claims have been paid out in a short period of time.  The number of claims paid and the size of those losses is directly correlated with any change in premium.  Generally, if a storm comes through an area and causes damages to resident homes and buildings in your area, your premium may increase even if you do not file a claim. This can occur because the insurance company may declare the area that you are living in as “higher risk.” Your deductible is a fixed price.  It will not change.  If you change your policy, then your deductible could change.

  • How Can I recognize when my roof has problems?
    • The easiest way to recognize that you have roof damage is having a leak or missing shingles.  Hail damage is harder to spot, especially from the ground.  We recommend you allow one of our experienced salesman to come out and give you a free inspection of  your roof.  Why risk falling off your roof when we offer this free service?
  • What are my options if I decide to reroof?
    • We offer all types of roofs! The most popular residential options are asphalt single roofs and metal roofs.  There are many different asphalt shingle options, so we recommend checking out Owens Corning to see which shingle fits your home and budget.  We are Preferred Contractors with Owens Corning and can offer great warranties.  Metal roofs come in different gauges (thickness of the metal) and colors.  There are also different patterns and fastening options.  We recommend seam metal roofs because there are no exposed fasteners (screws).  Exposed fastener options are a less expensive alternative. 
  • My roof is leaking.  Do I have to replace the whole roof?
    • No.  We repair leaks.  Sometimes repair leaks on a new roof because of poor workmanship by another contractor.  We will assess your entire roof and if we believe your roof needs to be replaced we will go over all of your options.  If there is storm damage, we will look into going through insurance.  If the roof is just old and needs to be replaces, we will get you an estimate.  We even offer financing.
  • Can I just do the work myself?
    • If you can put your mind to it, you can do anything!  We just would not recommend it.  Roofing is one of the most dangerous trades in the world.  We pay a hefty sum every month in insurance liability and workers compensation.  I would not put yourself at risk to do your own repairs.
  • How long can I expect my new roof to last?
    • Owens Corning warranty on an architectural shingle is not 50 years or Lifetime, and it is one time transferable.  This is offered when we use all Owens Corning products.  We only use the best materials because you do not want your roof to leak, and we don’t want to come back to fix it!
  • How much is it going to cost me?
    • There are too many roof sizes and options to answer this question.  We ask that you allow us to perform a free assessment of your roof, and go over the options that fit your needs and budget. We also help with insurance claims and financing.